Nike gets so much of my money and its not even shoes.

She really hate me on the low. But I always try to play numb to it, even though I’d never forget. I guess neither will she.

Tell me should a real nigga feel this way?

But I’m cool cause this isn’t love…

I try to stay numb to shit like this.

I love you.

Gonna go this whole week without wearing a hat just because I wear them so often.

Why you keep asking me about her? She’s not here right now, she’s not here right now.

Girl don’t you know, you’re so beautiful.
I want to give all my love to you girl, not just tonight, but the rest of your life.

It’s crazy how life turns out you know? Just a lapse of unexpected shit.

Thought that I was blessed but it turns out I’m cursed.

Just vaped Vegetable oil…don’t think that was a good idea :/