7 months and 18 days of drinking only water.

11 months and some days now. Almost at year of drinking only water. Good for you Mark.

July 26, 2014.

Another Saturday, doing nothing all day but sitting in the house watching tv/movies on Hulu Plus by myself. I cooked some white rice and chicken breast patties. Now, it is 7 p.m. on this wonderful day and I am loading up GTA V Online to indulge in some recklessness.Even though I may act as if I love being alone, but I think deep down inside, I’m just sad lonely guy.

Does anyone else watch East Los High?

You got niggas, and I got bitches.

Went to my first strip club last night. About time! It was cool.

Relationships with me suck.

I think it’s because I’m such a real nigga. And I don’t even try to be, it’s just the way I am. That’s not good.

After coming home frustrated last night because I just spent the last two hours before attempting to land a heelflip backside boardslide on the rail, almost nearly landing the grind numerous of times, I’ve realized how far I’ve come. I remember when I’d never imagine myself landing a simple heelflip, or let alone a boardslide. Now my caliber of skill is flipping into grinds!? And yet, because I didn’t land it yesterday, I was so mad. The caliber of skateboarding these days has been boosted so much to the point where if there’s something a lot of people can do, that makes whatever you are trying to do look easy. So even to myself, I kept saying if This 16 year old kid next can do it then I can do it. Since I failed, I was not satisfied. Just a couple of years ago the simple essential of just pushing on a skateboard used to be hard. Now I’m not only doing flip tricks, but I am able to attempt difficult maneuvers that I see professional skaters do.

Damn man, I miss Paul Walker.

Tf she always mad for?

My day is going terrible.